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Training of health professionals

Training of health professionals

Formation medecins et chirugiens dans les Institutions.
Fondation Ivoirienne du Cœur considère comme essentiel de partager sa pratique et son expérience avec les professionnels de santé. A cet effet, nous proposons les interventions suivantes :

• Training of health professionals.
• Interventions provided to Nursing Institutes and nursing students.

The Ivorian Heart Foundation is now registered as an organization that helps patients from the beginning of their illness until their recovery

The Ivorian Heart Foundation for Health Professionals
The aim of the Ivorian Heart Foundation is to create shows for hospitalized children and their families in relation to healthcare teams, and to raise public awareness of the quality of life and well-being of children. Sick child.

Since its creation, the Ivorian Heart Foundation has acquired expertise in the approach of patients in vulnerable situations in the hospital world.

With this know-how and know-how, the Fondation Ivoirienne du Cœur has developed specific courses for professionals in the health sector, whether specialized in the medical, paramedical or administrative fields. The aim of these training courses is to help professionals practice their medical practice in "fragile" patients.


• Improve the reception and care of the patient and his entourage.
• Optimize relationships with the patient and those around him.
• Communicate in an unconventional and personalized way.
• Soften the medical gesture and prevent anxiety in a high-tech environment.
• Act on tensions, fears and stress by fostering benevolent exchanges.
• Establish a complicity relationship by federating each team member.

The pedagogical approach:

Based on an active and participatory pedagogy, the training uses experiences already experienced for venitb to help other people with heart disease.

Our training is not a generic training: The Ivorian Foundation of the Heart offers tailor-made modules according to the problems and the needs of the institution, or the structure concerned. It may vary according to the public, be they nurses, caregivers, doctors, administrative staff and depending on their work context and field of study. 'intervention.

Stakeholders :

Our professional Heart and Stroke Teacher Trainers also help to convey to caregivers the importance of a cohesive and open team, with a benevolent approach to patients and / or those around them.

The expertise of our trainers includes:
-> a perfect mastery of the techniques of care of the patient.
-> knowledge of the medical environment, both contextually, organizationally, and humanly.

This expertise comes from:
-> comprehensive and ongoing training in medical fields.
-> training for trainers.

Testimonials of participants in the training:

"Take the time to communicate and learn to communicate differently with the eyes, the body. Learn to be even more attentive to the other and adapt to its space. "

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